my busy schedule ever since arriving home tuesday morning at 2:00 am has finally caught up to me. this morning i slept through my alarm (how like me) and was woken by a sister yelling up to my room letting me know that i had half an hour before church started. i promptly burst into tears that continued for the whole half hour of preparation because it was too much for this exhausted girl to handle. i walked into church, seeing many people for the first time since returning, with tears on my cheeks.

ah. i’m so pathetically funny. haven’t you missed me?

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  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sinclairgirl/413779233/
    This is the “Betty” that I was speaking in reference to earlier today. Now surely you can not be telling me that this isn’t you? That is a Louissa if I ever saw one, I’d have a hard time believing it’s Brietta.


    Oh yeah, of course I missed you, I think everyone has! Wow.. bold and italic, you sure better appreciate that!! You know how long it takes to put in that code?


  2. hey, about tomorrow…im leaving my house around two or so and if you want to meet up after youre done at church for the day, let me know before then…but if youre not feeling up to it thats totally fine too, cause i can come out another time this week just as well.

    youre incredible. if i were you i would have refused to do anything, and been like, ‘i just came home from germany, and i want to sleep. leave me alone.’

    anyway, im looking forward to REALLY seeing you…whenever it happens. 🙂

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