just think — if i didn’t like country music, then we wouldn’t have a nickel creek album and she would have one less influence, they would have one less option for music, and i would have one less favorite band (which is the most important of these three).

thank goodness someone likes country music! 🙂

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  1. yes, nickel creek is a bit more folk then what we think of when we hear someone say “country music.” mike giordano gave me a nickel creek album — but the only reason he gave it to me was because he knew i liked country music. 🙂

  2. You like pizza ryan? I think we are talking about country music. Sorry but yeah, that juist doesn’t go:)

  3. It’s like really nice too! (the microwave that is) I can toast my fav snacks now, animal crackers, fig newtons, gram crackers…its so sweet.

  4. Hey,
    You have prob told everyone and there mom this already and I just missed it but are you coming down at all this summer? Just wondering.

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