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  1. Hey,

    Pictures say a thousend words right? I like pictures. As for you chatting online, IT’S OKAY…its normal for kids to do that these days 🙂 Take care, do well in your play, and have fun with your sis 🙂

  2. sat class sure was tons of fun…. hahah
    we just need to remember that those are practice tests… right? 😉

    is it just me- or is this font really smlaa?? maybe it’s just the computer that i’m on… hm…

    ttyl! have fun at musical practice!

  3. I always have vivid dreams during my afternoon nap. Guess what it was about this time? I had a dream that I jogged all the way to Madrid (I hate running by the way, but it felt good in my dream) and went to see your musical! Only I got there late, heard a bit of singing in the opening number (which was good in my dream) and then had to run all the way back to Japan because I forgot to bring the diaper bag. When I was running back to the show, it had already ended and everyone was walking home. So, I stole a pirate ship that flies, and took a “drive.” Weird, huh?

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