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  1. wow those are some amazing pics!! 😀 i loved them!!
    it makes me soooooo sad that its all over… but i am looking forward to next year! yay!!

  2. lol the top picture??… i don’t know what she’s doing… it’s a funny pose though, don’t you think? =P

    oh, and i want to have a link to your flickr on mine… it said something about emailing you and asking? I’ll look more later, but any help would be great! hehe =)

  3. haha, i just got your comment on flickr and yeah, he’s met you a couple times, but you were meeting tons of people so it’s understandable if you don’t remember every time! hehe he’s pretty fun… i never really hung out with him before I introduced him to julia’s fabulous guitar talent (he loves his guitar) =P well, ttyl!

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