my friend jane.

my class got out 35 minutes early tonight. so as my father and i had planned in case i got out early or he wasn’t there on time to pick me up, i walked over to mcdonald’s to wait.

15 minutes later i wished that josh and matt were with me like a few weeks previous. sometimes jane eyre just isn’t enough company.

i have my own bedroom for the next three weeks. have i ever told you how much i hate having my own room? it’s so entirely too lonesome.

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  1. hmmm youre own room? i was always (and AM actually) so thankful for my own room! but then again there is probably a difference in sharing with older siblings than younger…?

  2. i don’t know jane very well–i’ve only watched the movie, and we all know that isn’t the real thing, eh? : )

    i know what you mean about being lonesome. i always hated doing anything by myself, as i am sure you can remember. now i like some alone time, but i def like to be with others . . . especially family!

  3. Yes, there is something about sharing a room with a sister that makes aloneness more acute without her. (Did that make sense? It did to me…but…)

    About the DVD … I think John has good taste in putting it together well, and I think he will take all aspects into consideration when making the final product: the lighting, the view from the camera, the sound, the stage presence of the actors, and the vocals. John might be quiet, but ask your Dad if he trusts him, and I think you’ll get a satisfactory answer.

  4. I think growing up in a large family tends to make being alone feel sort of unnatural – I’m not much of a “people-person”, but I usually like having people around me. On the other hand, a book is often the next-best-thing to company.

  5. I love to be alone … assuming that I’m not alone ALL the time. I think it comes from having brothers who dominated everything in my environment as a child … what music I listened to, what condition my room was in (their dirty laundry ended up on my floor as they walked through to their room!), what games we played, … you get the idea. So I cherish the time I have alone … just me calling the shots.

  6. I’m sorry Julia being here means you’re alone (because I’m with you: I don’t like saying goodbye to a day all by my lonesome….), but I’m really glad she’s here. You should have just come with her! 🙂

    Jules is catching me up on all the fun details of the musical. It sounds like it was even more wonderful than I’ve imagined. Can’t wait to see a recording of it.

  7. yeah, I think I want to be your contact?? lol is that what you flickr folk do? haha
    nate’s too funny about hannah’s expression! I don’t really remember lamb chop at all, so I couldn’t say… =P and i’m not going to delete your comment- I find it too funny! haha =D
    and i feel awful because ever since I got my xanga, i barely ever get on aim anymore! it’s tons of fun talking balk and forth with you on this tho, cause we both check it almost constantly! lol almost as quick as aim… 😉
    But someday soon we should act like “normal teens” and go somewhere fun…. =P hahahha
    i miss julia too… but my brother came home, so now my house in unusually loud… haha
    Well, if you missed matt and josh on monday, just remember that you’ll never ever miss going to that sat class, i’m sure! I cannot wait for the sat to be over! eek! it’s thhiiissss saturday!
    ttfn! =D

  8. wow- long comment… haha one more thing- you won the ticket thing for the free class dinner? and i can still order a dvd of the show, right?? =) thanks, hun!

  9. okay, i think i’m your contact now also… did you send me those pictures or do they automatically come?? your mom is so awesome! i think i may put that pic on my regular flickr site… hehe and the little gondolas in the backround are just too cute!

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