i’ve got my honey-nut cheerios and i’m happy. 🙂

i miss my baby girl.

and holy cow. i was so burned. i guess that’s what happens after spening a day at the beach and having white skin to start with.

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  1. I love how my computer magically takes me here when I click onto your xanga site. How do you do that!? LOUISSA.COM in my list reminded me of those banners trailing behind airplanes at the beach. Oh no…I gave you an idea!

  2. Sounds good, come over sometime and we can watch it together.
    🙂 I hope you are well.

  3. so here I am……… yes we redheads sure know how to get burned don’t we. Thats proly the worst thing about having red hair and light skin wouldn’t you say? gotta love it though!!!!!

  4. I have a bunch of pics from last years NYC trip and theres one funny one of your back and it shows how burned you really were.

  5. Love the picture of Bronwyn! 🙂 Her smile really IS to die for. Your pic at Ben and Jerry’s made me jealous. We don’t have one around here, but going to one and getting ice cream sure makes for some nice memories. I don’t think you are that burned, but believe you me, I can sympathize. And although I do not have red hair, I guarantee I am whiter than you! People have made jokes (even though it’s true) about the sunlight reflecting off my legs and blinding them. I kid you not. It’s pretty funny. 😀

    As for American Idol….Carrie is better than Vonzell. Do you vote? I think it will come down to Carrie and Bo. Vonzell may be in the top three, but will not go all the way. She is just not as likeable or as good as the others. Carrie’s performances are very versatile and fun. Oh…by the way…were you a fan of Fantasia? Or Diana?

  6. haha..ya i took it off cuz if you had a bad one of me and put it up there i wouldnt want alot of people to see it…but since you dont mind maybe ill put it back up there…jk.

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