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  1. wow i definitely didnt think you would know who i was well then maybe next time im at cfc i will say hi. how funny. yeah that was me at dress rehearsal. how fun. ok well takll to you later for sure then

  2. it actually wasn’t that bad… I think I did pretty well! =) I’ll let you know what I get as soon as i know! hehe we should be worried about josh though… haha he was just too funny after the sat… oh my… =P

  3. i know you want me to come but i just dont feel it neccessary.

    Plus dinner and a movie with the family sounds perfect for me.

    : P

  4. lol i’ll try to remember to tell you… i have such a bad memory though… =P but I wrote it down so it’s all good. sorry i didn’t end up going to the concert- it would have been tons of fun, i’m sure… but i was invited to go mini-golfing and the weather was so nice out!!! too bad the sun’s not high enough to give my skin the color it desperately needs… *sigh* hehe see ya in the morning!!

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