birds flying high.

some photos of our mother’s day activities. jay, there are some with mom and the bouquet you bought.

the sun was out today. the air was warm. my shoulders and arms are pink to prove it. mowing the lawn, running, walking to the post office, reading outside… yes, i love this. if only it would stay like this.

two friends came over for the evening. we had fun — but then again, we always have fun.

7 thoughts on “birds flying high.

  1. so i would have to say that those are some really cool pictures. is that you trying to cheat off of matt? jk so anyway hmm ive lost my train of thought and totally forgot what i was going to say. oh well i guess i could just say that it was a beautiful day today and a beautiful night tonight and i believe it will be beautiful tomorrow too. so have lots and lots of fun.

  2. yeah, the weather is amazing! (well, i think it may be raining right now… i’m in a room without windows trapped at school and all alone 🙁 lol i can’t believe i have to stay in this horrible place til 8 tonight…. *sigh* i just got done with my volleyball game and now am waiting for stardust with hub-
    please pray for mrs. hubbard’s new grandchild – i don’t know many details but she’s quite shaken up about it… thanks.

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