10 thoughts on “the little things in life…

  1. The top photo on my site was found through a random google search for pictures. It was the cast of a theater company doing “Pride and Predudice.” If you haven’t found a dress for your banquet yet, maybe you can make one of these! I know a lady who sells the patter. 😉

  2. hub’s grandson is doing well today… he has a tube to help him breathe until his lungs finish maturing… and so hub’s daughter, jenn (violin player in Bye bye birdie), can’t even see her son since she’s still recovering from the sugery. another thing is that jenn just found out that she won’t be able to teach strings at potsdam school anymore because of another teacher’s problems and such… so now she’ll have to most likely leave the area.
    on a brighter note: Hub has decided to not retire and stay another year til chris and i graduate 😀

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