it’s all in the curved fingers.

“you’re good without even trying. but you could be phenomenal if you put your mind to it and really started to practice.”

i’m such a slacker at times. my teacher said that to me yesterday. did i practice today? nope.

9 thoughts on “it’s all in the curved fingers.

  1. Wow … great compliment … imagine how you would feel if someone called you “phenomenal”!

    As I’ve mentioned before, there is power in just 15 minutes. You don’t have to marathon anything … FlyLady says, “You can do anything for 15 minutes!” (even practice)

  2. Who needs “phenomenal” when you can be like Louissa?

    (yes, I am a cheesey suckup:))


  3. haha i’m a slacker too… it’s just a part of us now =P i think you’re phenomenal already anyways!

    and we’re still going to potsdam today at 3:30 if you don’t have any family engagements… i’m sure i can give you rides… i’m off to work right now, so i’ll call you when i get home! =)

  4. Funny you should ask because, your sisters were the others invovlved in the “photo shoot”…I think they will turn out really nice even if the church doesnt post them on the website. (I think they needed pics for the youth group part of their site so they picked the only two people in the room that arn’t members of word and worship (Julia and I ) and Carina 🙂

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