stupid backs.

random person: what are you doing?
me: cracking my back.
random person: why are you cracking your back?
me: because it makes me feel better for a bit.
random person: does your back hurt?
me: a little.
random person: why does your back hurt?
me (said with a bit of sarcasm): who knows?
random person: did you do something to it?
me: a year ago.
random person: really? what’d you do?
me: well, you see, i went to do a dive…

this is a conversation that is altogether too familiar. it’s almost been a year since i sprained my back with the dive that everyone knows about. you’d think that since it’s almost been a year people would let it go, stop bringing it up, or stop asking questions that eventually lead to the famous event. but no, it seems to be too interesting or something. people still ask about it — ask about how one might go about spraining the back by doing a dive.

this has got to be one of the most embarrassing things i’ve ever done — and i don’t think i’ll ever live this one down.

so i mine as well laugh with everyone (although i do believe that most of them are laughing at me, but that’s okay). who else can say they’ve sprained their back before?

i can. : )

4 thoughts on “stupid backs.

  1. i don’t know the story

    the problem with this thing is that i don’t get a cute little xanga digest that tells me you’ve updated

    but i remember to visit every now and again

    …so, how do you sprain your back doing a dive?

  2. i dont know the story…………..wow now your even cooler lol (with you) thats just awesome like who else has sprained their back?????

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