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But Solomon persevered, thriving in her role as the underdog. She outlasted talents like Turner and Constantine Maroulis, judges’ favorites like Anwar Robinson and Nikko Smith, and singer-who-everyone-loved-to-hate-but-evidently-voted-for-anyway Scott Savol.

She did so because she played to her strengths, picking songs that gave her the chance to race across the stage and get the audience involved. She did it by flashing that winning smile, and letting everyone know that she was having a ball out there. Solomon was always fun to watch and it was hard not to hope that she’d stick around for a few more weeks.

She even picked up a nickname in the process, “Baby V.”

Mostly, though, she did it by getting better each week. As the competition got tougher, she raised her game accordingly. That held true to the end; her performance on Tuesday night was one of her best efforts.

The judges did her no favors at all. Clive Davis anointed Bo the winner and was effusive in his praise for Carrie as well. Simon Cowell told Carrie it was close, but she had done enough to advance. It had to be grating for Solomon’s fans to see her rivals lauded while she was given much fainter praise, particularly on a night where Underwood didn’t sing up to her usual standards.

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  1. To sad for me. I’m going to miss her alot. And now i don’t even have to watch it now because you know who will win!

  2. I really need to know what your siss thought of “A Ride To The Beautiful Upstate”. Better or a step down? 🙂

  3. I told you this was going to happen. And rightly so. Go Carrie! Go Bo! They were the best from the beginning.

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