a few nothings.

so my parents are gone. as well as my older sister. i don’t like it. they can come back quickly.

we’ll be hitting rochester this week. my sister will be doing her thing. you should come.

the others just started. it’s too late for me to stay up — although i do love this movie. probably not a good one to watch late at night though… i get scared too easily. silly me. : )

good night.

6 thoughts on “a few nothings.

  1. haha. i like how you told me to not say ‘hacked’, but rather ‘cut’ and then like 5 words later you said yourself that you hacked it off. haha.

  2. I don’t like it when people are away either! Just the other day I was telling Ryan that our house was WAY too empty with Nicole and Renee gone… I’m glad that Liz moved in. It will help fill some of the emptyness!

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