you’ll always be my american idol.

have i ever told you how much i like big belt buckles? well, i think i have — but check out bo’s in the above picture. it’s awesome.

16 thoughts on “bo.

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I love Bo so much, I wish HE would have won SO much!!! Carrie is awesome too, though.

  2. Carrie won?!?!
    That’s it. I’m not conspiracy theorist, but American Idol is fixed. It has to be. Carrie was terribleon the performances I saw. I’m disgusted with the whole thing. And I regret even less now than I did before (which wasn’t much) that we don’t get reception and I can’t watch the stupid show.
    Ughhhh… Gag me.

  3. what a present that was on my Bday carrie got idolized yea! well im happy oh and i feel bad for the loser fans out there

  4. So yah I heard that some website picks a loser on the show and gets everyone they can to vote for them and keep them on as long as possible.
    I have no clue if that’s true, I honestly don’t even watch it but even so, I thought it was interesting.

  5. I think he wore that belt when he did the song “Money”. He is really good and I enjoyed his performances. I was happy that both Carrie and Bo were in the finals and would have been happy with whomever won. I tell you though, Carrie’s performance of “Angels Brought Me Here” was really good….it was amazing! The show is not fixed.

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