from madrid

two days left. we´ll leave tuesday morning. in one way it feels like i´ve been here forever. and at the same time it feels like it´s only been a few days. either way, i can´t figure out if i want to go home or not.

green day is playing on the radio right now. makes me think of toe and our conversation. makes me miss a few people.

madrid is beautiful. no, seriously, it is. we went and saw the Royal Palace. wow. now that was cool. it´s busy here and i like it. i like the old parts of madrid the best. i´ve figured out where i want my apartment. it´s right across from the palace. nice location, right?

we did some tv recording yesterday. yes, we´ll be on some christian channel at some point. how did that happen? my mom met some people and we ended up in a studio in front of cameras and hot lights… it was rather fun — although taping myself sharing a testimony wasn´t all that fun. it was more nerve racking.

we spent a day with kids on thursday. it was a childrens camp and at first i thought i was going to go insane. it was loud and there were alot of kids. i love working with kids, but at times it was tough with these children. it was hard to stay in control. that evening we did a service and the Lord blessed us. somehow we got through to these children and were praying for them and ended up loving these kids so much. it was really great. all the girls wanted to know if all my family had red hair (i had just told them that julia was my sister, but that´s okay). they wanted to know if julia and i had boyfriends. nope. everyone in my family who isn´t married is single. the female monitors then asked how old my brother was. weird.

we rule the ¨slap-clap game.¨ we totally dominate now. gibraltor, watch out for the US team. next time we´ll cream you.

leslie and i have decided that when i´ve grown up a bit we´re going to take a boat to england and travel there for a bit. when we told the team they all laughed at us. a boat? aren´t we the ones who get motion sickness like big time? well yes, but we´d get by.

everyone has birds here. birds? what´s so cool about birds?

the Lord has been amazing. we have met incredible people and have been able to experience great things. have you ever stood on a soap-box, with a crowd surrounding you, and openly shared who Jesus is to you? i have. and it´s incredible.

the boys decided that they might be able to get 5 camels for me. i´m not sure that´s good or not.

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  1. So, I was thinking that when you get home, you should turn around and travel to Pittsburgh with Kevin (who is coming to visit next weekend) and stay till Daniel and Bri move up there. What do you think? (something tells me I wouldn’t get a whole lot of work done actually having a friend around! but you could learn to drive standard — you and Nathan!)

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