traveling some more.

so maybe my family’s crazy. well, we already knew that, didn’t we? but i wake up today and my mum asks me, “do you want to go to pittsburgh today?” and of course i say “yes.”

so i guess we’ll go do laundry, pack, settle the house, and then some of us are off for a long weekend visiting family in pittsburgh and virginia.

and then i’m planning on visiting a friend in minnesota at the end of the month.

don’t ask me when i’ll get a piano schedule going before the beginning of september. maybe i’ll push my starting date back just a bit.

and yes, there was some mean poker playing going on at the sinclair’s last night.

4 thoughts on “traveling some more.

  1. I kind of did injoy the poker playing. It was fun. I wasn’t tired at all. And if you
    herd anything downstairs while you were on the computer at 12:00. It was me. I couldn’t sleep so i went down stairs to see if i was at all tired. Well now you know who
    it was. All you herd was “crack” go the wooden floors: )

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