me cool? i don’t think so.

there is something so refreshing about spending time with Jesus. quiet times are such a good thing.

i’d like to say i did it just to get my sister off my back. but i don’t think that’s it. i’m really not quite sure what posessed me as i went up and grabbed the mic. “can i have something a little faster?” i asked, wanting a faster beat. louissa, this isn’t spain! what are you doing? who knows what i was doing. but as i did my rhyme i realized i was incredibly uncomfortable and that i probably hadn’t ever done anything as stupid as this. in spain i had a crowd to work off of. they loved me — i was american and anything i did was cool. here? i’m a white chic, who wears leaves in her hair (i’m sorry if i embarrassed anyone), who chews on toothpicks (and i thought everyone did that), who is about as uncool as your going to get, and can not rap. wow. what was wrong with me last night? perhaps it is time for me to go home… i fit there. we all sit around with toothpicks in our mouths, and they are used to it when my drink ends up all over the table because i laughed just as a took a drink. they laugh at my dance moves, but can’t say much since they can’t do better. up there, i blend in, because everyone is like me.

so pretty much, stacie is correct. you can’t get much whiter then a redhead.

9 thoughts on “me cool? i don’t think so.

  1. I love you SO much! man, I wish I could’ve seen it! were you singing on the worship team when you did it? or were you totally just like, run up and grab the mic! (sweet!) can’t wait till you’re home!

  2. we like you around here, too! come on – I have yet to hear anyone around here even attempt one. k? love you – even with the leaves in your hair!

  3. louissa! raelly none of that is true…i didnt see you spill your drink but…? im sure it would have been amusing…

    i didnt get to talk to you all that uch but that rap was definitely cool. as carina said no one around here cept christina and maybe nathan would even remotely attempt to TRy to rap so the fact that you did it was really cool i think. you did a fine job….:) the leaves? a little different i admit but it was cute:)

    seriously just cheer up and smile about everything k? i know people have enjoyed having you here. your presence is even refreshing to some extent. you have such joy, at least it seems that way..i…it really encourages me….actually firstly it makes me feel kinda badly about myself, that i cant be that joyful..but then it is encouraging, makes me want to be MORE joyful…i duno. dont get down on yourself k?

    by the way when are you guys going back? i probaly wont see you again..but like i said it was cool seeing you. i’ll ttyl alright? bye for now:)


  4. hey i was really nice to get to talk to you on sunday!!!
    your rap was awesome!,and the leaves look great in your hair (im just soo glad i was behind you guys when the whole thing happened!) i had a wonderful time at eat’n park with you guys the water insident was hallarious…many great times in one night the 1st time i’ve talked to you,hopefully there will be more!!!

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