#3 for today

i talked with her this evening. it was quite the lengthy conversation for two people who hate the phone. perhaps it’s not so bad afterall. : )

i know, holy lot of posts louissa. chill out. but talking with her made me happy.

“And now I am ready to turn in. Daughter #5 is on the phone with daughter #3. The giggling hasn’t stopped since she said hello 20 minutes ago. I am glad they are friends. They are two of my favorite daughters, you know! (I have 7 favorite daughters – how lucky of me!) : )” – my mom.

“so happy…”

3 thoughts on “#3 for today

  1. had fun talking to you – despite the fact that it was on the phone and not in person. Just a thought: you should take a bus down here to help Brietta pack up next week… I know you don’t want to miss L.I., but really, whats more important: family or the ocean? 😉

    ps. i will pay for the bas fare if that helps.

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