4 thoughts on “julia marie

  1. hmmm. Julia’s hair might be a little thick… but you, yes! However, how could I allow you to cut… I mean, how could I cut your hair??? Surely I would make an enemy of everyone that knows you!

  2. okay, so i’ve changed the information so that i should come up as brietta and not beanz, but i know it will be beanz anyway, so i figured i’d tell you that it’s not beanz, it’s me. 🙂

    and, no, bronwyn doesn’t have a piggy-bank. such a gift would be perfect! and don’t feel badly about not having it here for her birthday, anyway. it would probably already be in a box for storage by now.

    yeah. if i don’t cook with it and if it’s not used for cleaning, bathing, or sleeping, it’s in a box. that’s our lives right now!

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