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gabriel doesn’t have a splash cymbal on his set anymore. why? because colin doesn’t, colin is the new favorite, and colin gave him his first set of real drumsticks. another someone told me that we need to start teaching the kid – “he’s got rhythm.”

“hey. what up sis?” yup, eric’s back from summer break.

because of these high gas prices, my sister and i are converting to amish-ness, and we’ll be able to use horse-n-buggy instead of a car that needs gasoline. we’ll be starting our own community that allows music and computer time after 7:00pm and a bathroom is a must (beans, i just decided about the bathroom. remember kazakhstan?). we already figured out that beans has to get married so an income will still be coming in – but we got it taken care of. do you wanna join us? it’ll be grand! real simple living with no gas!

i watched my sister bring in the mail. i thought of how wonderful it would be if someone had sent me a little something – just because they love me and know that i love mail. and i think i should think that more as the mail is being brought in, because i did get a letter. from my friend.

our freezer is packed with ice cream. my mom bought 7 gallons this morning (there was a major sale) and my dad came home tonight with 3 more. yeah, we like our ice cream around here.

we had family breakfast this morning. afterwards a time of worship and prayer. i loved every minute of it. there is nothing more wonderful, then to look out into a crowd of people, have your 1-year-old niece see you, and with her two chubby arms reach for you. there is nothing like standing around a drumset the whole evening with your nephew, exclaiming over the color, encouraging him as he tentatively makes his way to the drums, and laughing with him because he thinks this is the most wonderful thing ever. my family and my babies are everything to me.

carol reads this. i love you carol!

5 thoughts on “just stuff

  1. Very cute! Yes i wish they didn’t have to leave. But the
    next time they come they will be staying. Yes all i can say is
    Hip Hip Hooray! Or as dad does it Hip Hip Hooza! If that is the way they spell
    it. Happy Happy i am: )

  2. Yeah, we have taken advantage of the ice cream sale as well! I love ice cream 🙂

    I hope your day is going well, sounds like you’re enjoying aunt time with your niece and nephew 🙂 (I can’t wait myself till I am an aunt).

  3. Me and my friend *of doom* decided to be amish also…we are going to strap my dog to a buggy and move to Hawaii, sit in the Walmart parking lot, and eat twinkies all day, because thats what real amish do.
    Curse these gas prices

  4. I LOVE YOU TOO LOUISSA! I DO READ THIS! haha. send me mail, PO Box 6272 Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY 13699! I like mail too :).

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