my place

wanna walk with me? here’s what i see.

up the cemetery drive.

the tree that i sit at.

yup, nice and fresh.

sometimes i can see the adirondacks.

the opposite way and i see my fields.

i love it.

the different colors.

the sun through it all.

the funny signs.

i like the color green.

and our big sky.

and then i stop by and see them.

and their apartment.

and then i go home. and that’s when it ends.

and for a dear friend. this is what being chocolate is all about:

You have a flair for the dramatic and love to party.
Your personality is super strong and unique.
Many people crave you constantly – while you turn a few off.
You are most compatible with coffee ice cream.

; )

12 thoughts on “my place

  1. pretty pictures. i was right, i do feel closer now that i know what being chocolate really means. good to know. can’t say i crave you constantly (or that you turn me off) but then again I’m not coffee ice cream…( -:
    thanks a million gallons, ha ha

  2. Hey Louissa,
    Not sure if you’ll remember me, this is Bethany Fobare….it’s been a long time. :o) I found you via Nadine Kinnen’s xanga…..gotta love the ‘net. LOL
    Anyway, just thought I’d say hello, the pictures are beautiful……you’ve inspired me to go out walking…..

  3. K, so a lil odd that you choose to chill in a cemetery but, from the pictures I can see the beauty of the location. 🙂 Both Mike Jones and I have the same really coohl green tshirts unfortunately I have a feeling one of these days we are both going to wear them to school and well we will bring a green-ness to the school halls. 🙂


  4. I love being in the country. I always love to go to the cemetery
    and climb the tree’s. But i haven’t gone in a while. And you just went,
    so i can’t blame you for not going: )

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