11 thoughts on “don’t walk away

  1. beanz – october 1. are you coming up for chris’s wedding?

    circus gorilla – i do think that we came up with the best nickname’s. hey, i didn’t call you “big boy” did i? : ) and i’m glad i was able to help with the van. as long as no water is involved your father and i get along like peaches ‘n cream. : )

  2. Me too…are you guys going? Because i know you want to go,
    i was just wondering. That would be so cool to see them live: )

  3. Please tell me that me stopping by at eight in the morning and staying for half an hour isn’t going to overwhelm you wease. Heck, I’ll even bring my own stuff to make hot chocolate…

  4. Ummm, yeah. I think my manager will be giving me the time off — so I will try to not miss too much school on Friday, come for the wedding, and be back in time to work at 4pm Sat. Crazy, but fun. Do you think I can bring a “guest”? Ask mom.

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