i would write and let you all know about the little details of my life that make it so exciting, but alas! i’m afraid that what is exciting to me would bore you. so i’ll spare you once again and just give you – you guessed it! pictures!

oh, and for all of you who have lost hope at the idea that i’ll ever drive: i signed up for the 5 Hour today. do you know that they charge you $35 for it? they make you pay for everything – it’s getting rather old.

one more picture… me and my friday school bud.

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  1. Ha ha… I wonder when I’ll ever drive(*looks up with little kid eyes and appreciattes his mom who is awsome and drives him everywhere!!*). I’m actually probably going to take drivers Ed this year. As long as my stupid medication keeps working. Nice pics, that one freaky one of Gabriel with the eyes… that’s scary. But it’s still all good.

  2. Pic of Danica and your dad made me cry. Your comment underneath does say quite a bit. They can be bittersweet. Also, it is a beautiful and precious pic-one to be framed and treasured.

  3. OK…some clarification please. What are J-RAD and Josh talking about. Do you have a habit on one line responses or something??? Is that it? I don’t know the inside jokes. help.

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