i sat in the front row pew, stained-glass windows closing us in, candles lit, singing hymns and listening to the organ. i’m used to sitting in metal chairs, lifting my eyes and seeing basketball hoops, running my foot along the lines of the gym, and always wishing the sound was just a little bit louder.

i guess you could say that i haven’t been raised in what we might call, a traditional church. so yesterday was an experience. i played three songs for the people who attend the little white church down the street from me. two friends sang along. the congregation didn’t really know what to do; didn’t really know what to expect from us. but they smiled as they watched us, sang along for the one hymn we did, and afterwards thanked us over and over again and asked us to come back.

they are the sweetest people. most of them i recognized — i’ve grown up seeing them at community events and around town — and they all know who i am (one of rick’s kids). they welcomed me in, even though i said “amen” at the wrong time, couldn’t for the life of me remember the last few lines of the Lord’s Prayer, and probably made some other mistake that i’m not even aware of.

but it was lovely. and i’m ready to go back and do it again.

5 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. to Ana:
    A little messed up? hmm….

    to Louissa:
    Yeah, I love it when I get an oppurtunity to do something like that in a more traditional church. That’s one of the things I have been able to do with Lucid Reign a lot. I’m encouraged to see you and Abby and who ever else was there doing that. We almost got kicked out once though, or we thought they were mad at us for some reason and wanted us to leave… It was a Reformed Presbyterian church. But then after the message they asked us to do more worship and said they wanted us to come back. I definately think God is breaking down lot of those walls man has put up over the centuries. He’s breaking them down with the Holy Spirit, which is the only one who really can.

    PS: I’d like to help in any way I can if you do anything like that again. Even if it’s just praying or something.

  2. Yes, yesterday was refreshing and yet strange for me. Once I got past my nervousness of being back there I really felt secure. This was the place where I had gone to church ever since I can remember. I had a flashback to when I was rather young and used to sing songs like “More precious than silver” on a little microphone and smile at my parents who were in the same pew as always. Then I remembered the races my Dad and I had getting to the right page in the hymnal. I remembered the family going together to church… wow… so much has changed. I’m so glad we went back. I can’t wait to go again. Thanks for everything. (Oh, and I’ll teach you how to behave properly before we go next time- saying “Amen” and other things outloud! tsk tsk. haha)
    Oh and James- thank you! We will definately take you up on that offer. =)

  3. Hey guys – I have to do a spell check thing. Sorry for being such a mom…

    The word is “definitely”, not “definately”. For what it’s worth! 🙂

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