nope, not me.

yes, this would be me stalling some more. i should be doing laundry and thinking about what to pack for vacation. but who likes to pack for a week and a half? i have a hard enough time picking clothes out the night before, let alone a week before. i guess this shows my indecisiveness in the small issues of life.

unfortunately, my talent for being the most indecisive person you know doesn’t stop when “big” things come along. it just gets worse.

i don’t think i’ve ever really made a decision for myself. someone has always helped me along and i like that. i like to be told what to do — i don’t like to be the one telling. i realized today that i’ve been waiting for the Lord to tell me, in a very clear way (“no” or “yes”), what i should do in a few different areas. i just don’t think He’s going to work like that right now. why doesn’t He go along with what i want? everyone else does! it’d make my job much easier if He would just come (it wouldn’t even have to be Him — Gabriel would do.) and let me know what He has planned for the next 50 years of my life and what decisions i should make right now that will prepare me for all that’s to come.

i hate this. i would not wish all that i’m going through on anyone else.

and i burnt (or is it “burned”) my tongue last night on my hot chocolate and it’s making me all the more miserable.

guess i’ll go pack. i think my dear mumsie ended up doing all the washing of my laundry, now i have to put it all in a bag. i tell ya, my life is hard. : )

Happy Thanksgiving.

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