christmas eve

we sat in the family room, eating rum-logs, drinking eggnog, opening a few gifts, reading the christmas story, and just being together. it was lovely. now we’re all in bed (i love wireless) all awaiting the morning. okay, maybe not since it promises to be an early one, but our wonderful little people are all very excited. santa comes to our house tonight and fills our stockings with lots of perfectly delightful goodies and we’ll have a wonderful time going through them. yes, tomorrow will be lovely and i hope yours is as well.

i’m a very spoiled girl (and my sister says, “a big fat punk.”). and i love it.

have yourself a merry little christmas…

12 thoughts on “christmas eve

  1. hey you!
    that puzzle picture was really fun. i had no idea that a person was even in that picture until the very end!! =P

    your christmas eve sounds delightful. mine was too. the little kiddies come over tomorrow! i’m so excited. we have fairy wings and everything for them. =)

  2. i have something for you, too. i’ll probably see you in the next few days at some point, right? i’ll just bring it with me so whenever i see you i’ll be ready.:)

    merry christmas.

  3. hey, we could…you can drive now.

    i guess it has been a while….i think the last time i actually talked to you was like two months ago.

  4. i don’t really know, tuesday there’s nothing, wednesday and thursday during the day would work, i don’t know about the weekend yet.

  5. i was supposed to go to syracuse today with the kinnens, but now i’m probably going tomorrow too because of weather. and yeah, i am going to the Story’s.

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