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i see that there are many varying opinions on my hair. many of you don’t want it cut and i don’t want to offend anyone by telling you this, but today it will be going. my hair will go to a good place — the office manager at Shapes and Colors wants to send it to “Locks of Love” and i’ll gladly hand over my hair to her if she wants to do that.

some of you don’t understand why i would want to cut my hair. i like to have fun with my hair. it’s been awhile since i did anything crazy with it and yesterday as i was looking at pictures of Winona Ryder i thought about how much i love short hair and now i have the opportunity to have it cut. don’t worry, my sister and i spent some time calculating how many years it will take for my hair to grow back to this length and we think it’ll be four years. what’s four years?

i know some of you are extremely disappointed after reading this. some of you may feel like your opinion doesn’t matter to me and that’s not true. i’m sorry, it was never my intention to come across like that.

forgive me.

15 thoughts on “my hair

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have to say its your hair do what you want with it…. Who gives a crap about what other people think…….. All right louissa…Taking a stand….

  2. oh my goodness!! i can’t wait to see it. =)

    i did locks of love last year, but my hair was very very long… so it wasn’t too much of a shortness shock. it’s a good cause and whoever gets your hair is going to be thrilled.

  3. I think it’s fun that you’re going wild with something new. I had my long locks almost my whole life until a few months ago and now I’m quite happy. Make sure we see pics of the result!

  4. you should post some pics. I’m having images of louissa with short hair at thirteen; I’m sure theres a bit of a difference at seventeen. You gotta help me out here!
    Anyhow, I’m sure you look fantastic–you always do.

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