soccer moms drive minivans

…burt’s bees beeswax lip balm is the best stuff.

…i felt like a soccer mom this morning as i drove the minivan, dropped a sister off for a violin lesson, and then went to the bank and then the grocery store. it probably didn’t help that i was wearing a borrowed pair of jeans from my mom. yup, you read that correctly. a borrowed pair of jeans from my mom. i just can’t figure out if that means she’s wicked cool or i’m the biggest nerd ever. hmm… love you mom.

…i’m taking a few years off of my sister’s life everyday that i don’t do my hair correctly. guess i need to work on that.

…i’ve been thinking about something that paula haller said yesterday in youth. i’ve grown up knowing that pride is one of my weaknesses, but i didn’t think that it would show itself in this form.

…my recent attitude towards life reminds me of some lyrics off of nickel creek’s newest album (which probably isn’t a good thing since it seems that chris thile’s life is falling apart since all the songs are so depressing).

starin’ down the stars
jealous of the moon
you wish you could fly
just being where you are
there’s nothin’ you can do
if you’re too scared to try

now don’t get too worried about me. sure, it might seem like i’m really down, but i’m fine. it all comes down to this pride issue that i’m trying to get past.

i mean, if you are one of those paranoid freaks who worries about my eating/sleeping/living habits and after reading this you’re breaking out in a sweat, you could always pray for me. i do like prayer.

and while you’re praying, go to his site. he’s got this wicked cool photo slideshow thing in the corner — but it’s not like the regular flickr one! dude, totally high-tech!

: )

5 thoughts on “soccer moms drive minivans

  1. haha…yes louissa i am talking about my hair.

    I thought i would never do it…because i’m really into the whole natural thing. haha. i guess i’m not any more.

  2. Yeah, pride can be a problem. It’s good that your dealing with it. You have my prayers.
    Jamies slide show won’t work on the school computers though.
    : |

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