old school and a girl named louissa

at times i miss the simplicity of life when i was younger.

who would have thought that a girl for Derbyshire (where Mr.Darcy lived) would find my site and comment? she left a comment on a few posts previous, but i was so excited that i’ll post it here.

i couldnt find anywhere else to write a note but i have one for you, so here it is. my name is Louissa too i’m 14 and i live in England, Derbyshire. i thought it was quite cool the you have the same name and spell it the same. how did oyu end up having a two ss in it.my parents just decided they didn’t want a z sound so they put ss instead. email back if you can thanks

anyways. now that i’m totally geeked.

i love england. i love Derbyshire. i love mr.darcy. and i love girls who have the same name as me.

5 thoughts on “old school and a girl named louissa

  1. you are too funny :p

    i’ve found out that you can try out for our musical! now that it’s Little Shop of Horrors (and not something like My Fair Lady *sniff sniff*…), I’m not sure how much you’d want to be in it. haha, but it’s totally up to you. try-outs are next week, but they’re not hard at all. let me know what you think and i can fill you in a little more.

  2. I allways think it would be cool to have a name that not everyone else has. Your parents must have thought hard about all of your names. I meet too many James’s. I went to school with another James Harmer who was in the same grade as me for two years, he just had a different middle initial. I wish I had a crazy name like “Manuell” or “Israel”
    I think if I ever have kids, and one is a guy…. I’ll name him Israel.

    I never realized that 2003 was when you were “little”
    2003 seems like yesterday, but I guess it is quite a while ago. I guess I need to catch up, it still feels like 2001 is yesterday to me.

  3. it’s okay to have a weird name, just don’t give them a normal name and spell it unphoenetically. . . it wreaks havoc in first grade, not to mention college. . . “lor? lovee? loray? how do you say that?” (my ethics professor the other day).

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