louisa may alcott

i turn eighteen in three days.

“sixteen years have i lived, and yet so little do i know, and so much remains to be done before i begin to be what i desire – a truly good and useful woman.”

i used that last year and i find that it still fits me.

5 thoughts on “louisa may alcott

  1. what time exactly on saturday?

    i think i’ll miss some of practice if i have to-
    he’ll just keep changing the opening number so it doesn’t matter that much. :p

    we need to get a picture still. i work tonight… but maybe tomorrow night or something… you need it ready for friday, right?

  2. Hey Louissa

    Hopefully you’ll get this-
    This week is crazy for me with mid-terms and all, So being at practice tonight isn’t gonna happen(you can let Ben know ‘he’s on’ lol).

    but, I soooooo appricate you letting me “on-board” with this whole worship thing:)

    You can send me an e-mail if you like at


    to let me know you got my message

    Thanks so much!


  3. Whoa….
    Congradulations when you turn 18.
    Stay 18 as long as you can because it’s really wierd being 19.
    They say 18 is the last year of being a teen, but 20 is often refered to as the first year of adulthood….. so what is 19? It’s really wierd that’s what it is. So if anyone offers you a birthday extension plan for next year, you should take it.
    the bell rang…. so I go to photography class… to sleep.

  4. I have a card sitting on my desk. But currently we’re out of stamps…..I’ll mail it as soon as I can. 🙂

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