sunday afternoon

we came home and made chicken noodle soup and biscuits. the conversation around the table resembled a scene from “While You Were Sleeping.” we covered the fact that i’m not actually 18, the cheese was never thrown away, and kellie hitchman was not at sergi’s yesterday. lots of laughs and my mumsie was actually at the table with all of us for the first time since her second emergency surgery.

yes, even though it’s dreary out, it’s turned out to be a rather lovely slow day.

3 thoughts on “sunday afternoon

  1. haha…yes it was a was indeed a rather lovely slow day spent with great people, with great and quite comical conversations. hhmmmm 🙂

  2. Thanks, weasie, for thinking it special enough to mention – I was pretty happy to try sitting a spell with all of you. And I have to agree that the conversation was a bit skewed and comical. Too much fun!

  3. I love hearing about your family. You all sound like you never fight or have bad times together. How did your parnets raise a beautiful family that way? I know its with God’s help but it seems like there is always one child in a family who wants to go their way instead of God’s way (that is unfortunately my brother, it makes me sad). I want my family to turn out like your family, HAPPY people for GOD!


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