just nothings

i just love going on and on about my birthday. i know, i’m such a self-centered beastly sort of girl. someday i’ll get over myself.

march 15, 2003

stayed up until 5:00 in the morning talking. slept four hours and got up. went to the post office for mr. french. went to church to bring something to mr.brown. could have gotten offended twice, but didn’t. was going to go to postdam, am not going now. perhaps watch a movie tonight — or maybe not. and so my birthday is going. rather dull.

so many people remembered though. i feel quite special. daniel and chris thought it horrible that i’m not doing anything. i told them i have leslie here — isn’t that enough of a celebration?

– – – – – – – – – –

i locked myself out of church tonight. i was the only one there, standing in the parking lot with the van behind me, looking through the glass door towards my bag that had the keys for the building (both sets that my dad has) as well as the van. i couldn’t believe it. thankfully, the head of security lives just up the driveway and to the right, so i ran to his house and got another set of keys to let myself back in.

only me.

– – – – – – – – – –

“do you have that likin’ fer bein’ alone too?” he asked.

“i reckon – a little. but i don’t hev thoughts enough to keep me busy; after awhile i need comp’ny.”

– across five aprils

8 thoughts on “just nothings

  1. Hey louissa i have a question.. im going o froday school this friday and i was going to go with amanda and she has to do year book. i was wondering while hse did that i could tag along with you to your classes?. would that be ok with you?

  2. that was sad…you made your own cake, poor girl.

    when i started reading that, i supposed at first that you were talking about another past birthday, and thought,’huh. that sounds a lot like that one time. its too bad it had to happen twice…’ and then i realized you were referring to that one. i guess i should have looked at the date. 🙂

    every time i watch The Others now i think of Lore’s chinese lady, and Julia running stairs and freaking us out.

  3. happy birthday. i was planning on sending you a card (and a gift) but i didn’t get it soon enough, because i ‘fell ill’ and was unable to go out and do so. but i will give it to you sometime this week.

    love you.

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