one of those boring entries


…senior pages needing to be made
…trying to find a place for my studio recital in june
…being tired all the time
…never feeling like i get everything done in a day
…not being able to run as far as i want
…having to buy lots of new clothes


…being able to drive whenever
…eating blueberry muffins and potato soup
…have birthday money to shop with
…reading books and books and books and more books
…watching ai with my family every tuesday and wednesday
…taking walks in this lovely weather
…going to bed

8 thoughts on “one of those boring entries

  1. yes, it would be fun to hang out at jared’s before the show.

    i asked colleen, so it’s up to her now. i’m up for anything.

    erin and natalie want to come to the show too, but i might just drop them off at tom’s (isn’t he on the same road as jared?). that should work out nicely. 🙂 oh, so i guess i don’t need a ride, do you want one? becuase i have the van and i’ll have to go to madrid to pick up erin and nat anyways. (and then you can direct me to where this parishville town is! haha)

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