more “bloggers”

since i’m doing it on my xanga, i figured i’d do it here.

for most of you, you probably haven’t noticed, but the list of links on the left is growing longer and longer. within the last 24 hours i’ve added three new people who have joined the ranks of “real bloggers.”

just kidding. i love to push people’s buttons. technically, there are no “fake bloggers” as long as they’re really blogging.

welcome to bubsie, david, and j-rad.

8 thoughts on “more “bloggers”

  1. colleen can’t go on saturday now. bummer! but i’m still going and i talked with erin, nat and now alex martin too and that’ll work out fine dropping them off at tom’s. did you find out what time it starts? and i’ll be picking them up at nat’s house, so i really think that we should all go together! :p fun fun. saturday’s almost here… how long have we been planning this? haha

  2. yes, technically xanga is a blogging system, but i would add the blogspot is just another blogging system and no more “real”.

    if there is such a thing as a “real” blog and a “fake” blog, both xanga and blogspot would fall in the same catagory, and most likely the “fake” one.

    “real” blogs are powered by typo or wordpress or custom built, and they are hosted on “real” domains.

    however, having your own blog that is powered by blogger is another story somewhere in the middle…but where exactly??? : )

  3. Blogs must have RSS to be cool.
    Xanga does not have RSS.
    Xanga is not cool.

    Syllogisms are for smart people.
    You don’t know what a syllogism is.
    You use Xanga.

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