orange, fuchsia, sky blue…

my daddy decided he didn’t want to leave me all alone in the church building tonight. he made himself a cup of tea and sat in his office while i went from one pile to the next upstairs in the costume room. it’s a mess and makes it terribly difficult to find certain items you might be looking for.

i was reminded of how much we’ve given to the costume department. i found…

…my great-aunt’s army coat. it has her name, “Merrick”, on it and some of her pins. i actually didn’t see this until my mumsie pointed it out. i’m rather proud of great-aunt ellie.

…my mumsie’s fuchsia dress she wore when she won some pageant thingy. it’s heavy, beady, and a rather ugly color, but so very fun to wear when playing dress-up. yes, i do know this from experience.

…my sister’s old flower girl dress from an aunt’s wedding. it is pink with a white overlay and perhaps one of the prettiest little dresses i’ve ever worn… even if it was only for play.

…some of my mumsie’s crazy clothing from when she was a teen. in one skirt i found the tag, “Made by Bea Follette.” Bea is my grandma. she made her daughter trendy clothing — how cool is that?

something that wasn’t ours…

…all the disgusting vintage dresses that were so neat i wanted to bring some home for me. but now that i told you, you’d be able to call me out the minute you saw me in a polka-dot or bright red dress.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

America disappoints me over and over when it comes to AI. and i can be upset… after all, i’m a regular voter.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

i wish i took pictures like this. it’d be pretty sweet.

and i could use something like this for my senior page.

6 thoughts on “orange, fuchsia, sky blue…

  1. thanks wease:) yes i saw those pictures to through jared’s site. it made me want to kick dalyn and then run and then i realized that i had gotten into a marshmellow fight with a great photographer…and then i thought “hmmm should i feel guilty?” then i immediately thought “nah! its just dalyn! its just jared and dalyn.” that was my scary yet honest thought process. i LOVE you TOO!!!


  2. And to think Mandisa lost to Ace and Bucky…now THAT’S a slap in the face!
    America dissapoints me.
    The pictures are great. Wish I could shoot like that.

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