i just watched the the cmt awards. go ahead, laugh. but there are some pretty cool country artist.

and i was recently told, by someone whose opinion i highly respect, to keep listening to my country music.

and my favorite artist has cooler hair than you’ll ever have.

so there.

10 thoughts on “urban

  1. yeah, country music can be amazing stuff, i agree. but it can be hard to take seriously sometimes. i like folk music better. okay, i love folk music….

    what dixie chicks albums do have you have? do you have the one i lent you a long time ago? cause i just found it the other day, and you can have it if you don’t.

  2. josh — no, it doesn’t include me. ’cause i had wicked cool hair yesterday. : )

    j-rad — dude, you’re shirt from 1985 is so much better than anything he’ll ever wear. plaid is pretty crazy.

    leslie — i don’t have Home. i would love it.

  3. Country has been growing on me….but only certain stuff.
    I’m sure your favorite artist has wicked cool hair….but who’s to say it’s cooler than mine? Thats all a matter of opinion.

  4. james — first, i’m impressed. you know who i’m talking about. and second, that’s not why i like him. i like him because he’s an actual musician. he’s amazing on his guitar!

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