tricked you

i do feel as though i practically ran away, since most of you had no clue that yesterday morning i was going to step on a plane and a few hours later be in minnesota. and here i am. sitting at the computer on 10 Cedar Drive with a perfectly lovely family and a perfectly lovely friend, who i surprised right before she had to run. fun, fun.

it was my first time flying alone… and not internationally. the security was so relaxed! being the not so very independent person that i am, i didn’t think i would enjoy being all by myself very much, but had a jolly ‘ole time sitting next to a weird old lady who decided not to have kids like normal people do, but would fill her house with 5 cats and 2 dogs and show off pictures of her extremely fat and lazy looking animals to people who didn’t know what they were getting into by sitting next to her. of course, she was shocked to find out that i’m still in high school and immediately decided that since i wasn’t out of college yet, i would fall in her category of “annoying kids and that’s why i didn’t have any” and didn’t talk to me again. okay, i just made that part up. she was surprised to find that i wasn’t even out of college yet (do i look that old?!) and she doesn’t like kids and that’s why she doesn’t have any, but she wasn’t at all rude towards me. i just figured that would make my story all the more interesting. but i lose why i’m saying all this.

anyways. yes, you’re there and i’m here. with her.

and minnesota has amazing skies. really, it does.

12 thoughts on “tricked you

  1. Looks like the secret was kept. Was my blog one of the concerning ones? I wondered how often Kara peeked in on it!

    Colin’s mom passed away last evening. They took in her for emergency surgery because her internal bleeding had started back up. She was losing blood way too quickly, and she died before they could really even get started. It was very abrupt. Although she has been battling cancer, this was not expected. She was a very kind woman, not even 60 yet, and they will all miss her terribly. So pray for the family. I know it has been very hard for them.

    Let me know if I can do anything regarding the jazz club reservations. Or anything else that you need done, like a recital hall, etc. I can check into these things for you.

    Love you — give a hug to Kara for me, and Sheri, and Eliz, and Mitch, and Ian, and even Norm! Thanks! 🙂

  2. it’d be nice to take a jaunt over to Minnesota and see two lovely faces. Unfortunately I don’t think it can be finangled at the moment. Bummer.
    Have a great time.

  3. *(yikes) I think I might have been one of the “blog concerns” being that you left me that message on my myspace and I then assumed that the deed had already been commited and out of common curtesy I responded, like anyone else would do… shucks, my bad, I hope that the injury that I caused was one that was easily mended.


  4. I was shocked when I didn’t see you sunday, I was like wait someone is missing (other than your dad that is). So this explains it well! Hope your having fun! When do you return?

    God Bless:

  5. Anytime Louissa, I hope you enjoyed that! Your brother is sooo funny! Then you nephew is sooo cute. hehe. Well I guess you have 2 nephews and maybe one on the way…lol. Never can tell! It was nice to hear from you! Your comments are always nice to hear! God Bless you on your trip!


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