we had a wooden box. a rather large box that was the toy-box for a bit of time. it then held the dress-up clothes. i was a girl and liked to wear the skirts, pretty blouses (in other words, beady and fake silk shirts), the shawls with fringe, and all the jewelry we kept in that special box. there were times when mumsie let us wear her dresses from her pageant days and the tiara she won in one. one afternoon her wedding dress was pulled out and i was able to try it on. i loved that.

i like pretty things. i like pink dresses for little girls. i like delicate jewelry and strappy shoes. i like make-up, nail polish, and having my hair done. i liked wearing my mumsie’s dresses. i like being called “Princess.” i like feeling like a princess.

you call me spoiled. or if you don’t call me that you at least think that. it’s okay. i know i am. my parents spoil all their kiddies a ridiculous amount. and that’s just fine by me. especially when i’m handed a package and open it to find this dress inside. quite lovely. hopefully i’ll do it justice.

is it perfectly horrible that i’m showing it to you in advance? i was going to wait until it was that evening and i was all made up… but i’m just not patient enough.

10 thoughts on “princess

  1. dangg louissa…you defenatly would look hot in that dres.. oh yes defenatly.. woopp. now im going to have to come out and be your short body guard =]

  2. Louissa…that dress is beautiful-wow!!!…what’s more is you will without a doubt do it justice and look exquisite in it!!! What a gorgeous color on you!!! Can’t wait to see pics of you in it!!! 🙂

  3. America knows nothing is what I’ve come to find out =)
    This is just another clay and Ruben……..
    Oh well…….

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