third update

i do believe that this will be a short one. i’m tired and looking at my mattress that’s leaning up against the bookshelf in the room looks quite comfortable right now. i’m surrounded by hanging clothes and the sound of everyone making ham and cheese sandwhiches in the other room keeps me amused. i’m sitting on a metal chair and the laptop is in the curtain of the window that i’m sitting in front of (one can only get the wireless in certain spots). i’m not sure how i did three weeks last year. i’m thinking that a whole year difference has made quite the change in me. i’m so tired.

i saw the moon tonight as we drove back from the outreach and i thought of home. i can’t see the stars here (which is quite sad) but at least the moon is still with me. it’s somehow comforting.

a young girl recieved Christ tonight. daniel was witness to it and told me the story and i found myself beeming the whole time.

i talked lots with my British girls and got to know them better. i love ’em and love their accents.

writing on this is a lot easier and faster than writing a bazillion emails to everyone that i love so much, so forgive me for not getting a personal note in your inbox, but i think i’ll do this for the rest of the time.

5 thoughts on “third update

  1. well, well, well. sounds like things are totally happening down there. after looking at the pictures on julia’s site, and then the pictures from this morning, it is totally driving me insane. i’m really glad things are going well and that god is using you guys in mighty ways. keep coming with the updates – its the only way i can feel connected.

    p.s. i know it’s early in the game – but how is . . . oh you know . . . “shopping” going? ; )

  2. josh: actually, we haven’t really shopped at all. we’ve browed a few stores as we go along, but no serious shopping and nothing for my friend josh have i seen. perhaps later.

  3. are you still in malaga or have you moved on? the other night someone was asking me about the trip last year, and it was so strange to think that all of you were actually there at that very same moment.

    it sounds like it’s been wonderful so far. and i would echo josh about the pictures, but i still want you to keep posting them in spite of the ‘bad feelings’ they evoke.

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