fourth update

i´m sure some of you are thinking, “what kind of missions trip is this where she can post so often?”  the kind where people take naps every afternoon (except for us) and the kind where you have a brother who brings a laptop with him.  and besides, today and tomorrow are our days off.  from thursday we´re bookin´ it until we make our way to madrid, spain and fly home.

today we have shopping bags in our hands, money that´s left our wallets, and more stuff to try to fit in our luggage.  i realized i have issues when i find myself in spain and buying a t-shirt that has “England” on it.  oh well.

there are days when i suddenly see all my flaws and all the things i´m doing wrong and get so discouraged.  in a sense, being here is easy.  perhaps i´ll stay for awhile.

looks like i need busy days again.  i´ve had too much time to focus on me today.  : )

tonight the girls cook dinner.  we´ve moved to the pastor´s house since he´s gone away for a bit and we now have a kitchen!  no more pb&j for a few nights.  he also has DSL so perhaps i´ll upload some photos.

6 thoughts on “fourth update

  1. sooooooo . . . shopping. i like shopping – i think shopping can be something that happens on a missions trip. shopping is something that everyone should support. of course, the idea that you’re buying shirts that say “england
    ” on it when in spain, that’s not too normal. that would be like going to nyc and purchasing a shirt that says “tokyo” on it. something just doesn’t add up.

    it’s good to hear that things are busy and that there isn’t tons of time to sit around and get annoyed with each other . . . or is there and you/’re just not posting about it? you should tell david and jamie to update a little bit more. jamie is being a little too pithy for my taste – and concerning david – just tell him to update. don’t let the news of the trip fall to your shoulders – they should all be posting something. well, that’s my two sense on what i think about your trip. and it you go to tarifa – can you look for a bracelet like the one i bought there. you know, the one with all the beads that would bleed on me when i would sweat? julia should remember it – if not, if you could find a cool bracelet that would be great.

    p.s. sorry for all this talking about shopping for me in spain. i am praying for you guys and do want you to be used by god – not just shopping for me. tell the team i said hi and have been praying for you everyday [what else are you going to do for eight hours with a face mask on while scrapping a house?]

    love you guys!

  2. “People do really stupid things in foreign countries – like buy leather jackets for much more than they are worth…” (moral of this story: don’t buy any really expensive leather jackets [unless it is for me])

    I miss you tons and tons. It feels like you have been gone for a year, not just a week. I am coping though and just counting down the days till you guys come back.

    ps. did you borrow that dress from Candace for Kara?

  3. We have repeated requests around here for a picture of Daniel playing guitar and Jamie playing the djembe (or however you spell it). Maybe?

  4. Ok so, aparantly this is request dept. I am so glad I found it I got lost in housewares. I did se some beautiful chinet however. Any way I would like to request more pictures of kelly…um…serving the Lord, (by the way josh GOD and Lord have capitals at the beginning of them). No bleeding braclets for me, although I do love the sound of jamie wearing a djembe’ , that’s like a komono right? Jk. love ya weese see you soon.

  5. weirdly enough, i might be the shortest comment/commenter
    this time.
    ok, this weird, cause when i was in Nepal I bought a shirt that was from england, and had the british flag on it.
    ha, So you make my list of best international shoppers.
    Miss you Louissa.


  6. “sooooooo . . . shopping. i like shopping – i think shopping can be something that happens on a missions trip.”

    i miss you guys and it sounds like you’re havin’ fun. luv ya and see you soon. 🙂

    p.s. i think it’s perfectly okay to buy a shirt in Spain that says England on it. We have stores over here that sell shirts that say Italy or England or Brazil or whatever on them (they’re just not sold in souvenir shops) 🙂

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