seventh update

is it possible that our three weeks are almost up?  i simply cannot believe how quickly these days have gone by while at the same time how long ago it seems that we left the states.

we left algeciras thursday and came to estepona.  we were told that there were english speaking people in the church, but we didn’t realize that they would be american english speaking people.  and we didn’t realize that it would be the pastor and his family.  and we didn’t realize that teem redeem went to his church in the US and met his daughter, whose room kelly and i are currently staying in.  anyway.  it’s lovely here and we’re enjoying our time.

we’ve had three outreaches here.  we set up a sound system right on the boardwalk at the beach, handed out hundreds of tracks and shared the gospel with literally hundreds.  it was incredible.

mrs.anderson jokes are being pulled out again.  i’m in the living room with kelly, julia and our new friend, kristina, who loves having american girls around.  mrs.anderson gets teased a lot… it’s not very fair.  no one else got dork names on the team.  just because i’m responsible.  ; )

i know, this isn’t very informative, but it’s late and i’m exhausted.  oh well.

we’re off to madrid on monday for two days and then we fly home.  i don’t know if i’ll be posting again before that… love you and see you in the good ‘ol U.S.

3 thoughts on “seventh update

  1. Sounds great and fun. I hope you reach millions more people while you are away. Hundreds is a lot but more is the key. Can’t wait to see you! Say Hi to everyone for me!


  2. Yeah, I was thinking that I’ll definitely have to ditch the lilypie thing at some point… but I like how it helps me keep track! 🙂

    I miss you guys. In some ways, the time has gone quickly–it’s been more manageable than I’d thought it would be, and I think that’s why. But in other ways, I feel like we’ve done so much that you must have been gone for a century!

    Hope your last handful of days are packed with the best stuff yet!

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