home for now

so i’m home.  well, i’m actually at her house and i have two babies for the weekend.  my little lady is very warm with a fever and my little boy is very itchy to go outside and play with his new “futball” from spain.   we’ll see how i’ll juggle this one.

it’s sticky here.  you realize just how humid it is when you come home from such a dry place like spain.  the bugs are also incredible here.  we dealt with a few flies for three weeks and now i’m dealing with all kinds of insects.  but it’s green here and you know how much i love green.  spain is quite beautiful, but i will admit, i missed my green lawns and green trees.

i’m boring myself with this so i’m sure you’re bored as well.  i really don’t have much to write.  my mind is in a fog and my body isn’t sure of what time it’s supposed to be.  it’s one thing to travel and your body to get off kilter, but it’s totally different when you start out a trip by spending your last night on an airport floor.  i slept for an hour and a half my last night in spain and although it was interesting and is good for a story, it still means that i started the trip out of sorts.

but anyway.  my sister has left for work, tom and jerry is almost over, and i should get some sort of toy out that will entertain for at least more than five minutes.


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