the wonderful thing

i remember when she was first pregnant and i was so excited about being an aunt. i thought about how much i would love that baby and how awful it would be that this child would be nine hours away from us. i remember when we got the call from my mom, just minutes after he was born, to tell us that she had done it. after fifty-one hours she had had her little boy. one sister, who had strep throat, was on one phone and i was on the other and we could hear the newborn cry in the background.

i feel blessed to have grown up with wonderful aunts and decided that i would be the kind of aunt one loves so much as well. i’d take them places and buy them little trinkets. i’d love on them and spend as much time with them as i could.

i have the two oldest for the weekend and it’s time to start this whole aunt thing. maybe a stop at mcdonalds tomorrow or a walk to the park at some point or an ice cream cone at auntie louissa’s favorite spot, morgans, will be the start of all the good things that come along with aunts.

my other kiddy is coming home tomorrow as well as the two “little” girls who really aren’t very little anymore. since when were they big enough to start wearing all my clothes?! anyway. i’m looking forward to it.

family is a wonderful thing. most of the money spent in spain was on them. i love it.

6 thoughts on “the wonderful thing

  1. Tomorrow is our last Sunday for a long time. It is a sad thing to have to find another church but with the Lords help we can. Then maybe we shall return to CFC, where we can make our home. I pray to. I will miss you when we go. But we can write and xanga and such.


  2. hey louissa! glad you’re back! Thought I’d write because i can relate to you. I love being as aunt too and i also vowed i would be the kind that everyone loves so much. 🙂 this past weekend, chris and randi were up with the boys and so i got to spend a lot of time with them and i love them soooo much 🙂 oh, and she’s expecting her third in february. Being an aunt is awesome.

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