babies, boating, and everything else

i have a little boy, covered by a blanket, snuggled up against my arm. this will be my last day of pretending that this is my life. no more little boy waking me up bright and early. no more playing little people and being told to play joel’s part. no more lunches and teaching them new songs. and no more spankings to convince one to stay in bed. i put them to bed last night and they wanted me to read goodnight moon. i never did like that book as a child. it was somehow so sad and so lonely. i hated the line, “goodnight nobody…” but anyways.

i found myself on a boat yesterday while family and friends were pulled behind on a tube. our mister merrick tried it out for the first time and although his knuckles were white with hanging on for a dear life, he wore a huge smile (for most of it) and seemed to enjoy himself. no tubing or jet skiing for this girl. when you don’t bring a suit, you don’t actually go – although that didn’t stop this girl from a turn on the tube.

we said good bye since they’ll be heading off to italy tomorrow. there are plans to go visit them in february or if i’m somewhere else then they’ll come visit me. either way, in my dreams i now have a few plans and my life doesn’t look quite so pathetic.

charlotte’s web has been turned on (another hated childhood memory. movie is too depressing) and i should hop in the shower while i can. perhaps one last special breakfast of pancakes will be made by auntie weesa before she goes back home.

4 thoughts on “babies, boating, and everything else

  1. Louissa,

    Awww you sound like you will be a great mommy! That is awesome you got to spend so much time with the kids. I hope it was fun, it sounds like it was. You have a great family, so nice and cheery. Anyways, we are just packing up still and Hayla, of course, is “unpacking.” She is a silly gal. Well this will be our last week and on Friday or Saturday we will be in Morrisville. yay. Not really yay though. I will have to write a lot. Thanks for the hug Sunday. You will be missed dearly.


  2. I guess Gabriel was very excited to meet my “Avery”, (of course thinking that it was the Avery from the book/movie!) How funny! I wish I had an aunt like you!

  3. I never liked Goodnight, Moon either and could never understand why it was such a classic! Come to think of it, there are “others”, too, that just didn’t make sense that they would be favorites or win awards.

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