i could tell

have i not been posting regularly? pardon my laziness on this issue, but i have no excuse other than being somewhat busy, not spending as much time online and not really having anything particular to write about.

i could tell you that after spending too many minutes scrubbing my face and body raw i decided it wasn’t worth it and i’d just have to go around with paint marks on me. oil paint is not my friend. but everyone knows that.

i could tell you that i just pulled, what looks to be a clear elastic hairband out of my piece of sergi’s pizza. but that’s rather gross and no one will want pizza the next time i suggest it.

i could tell you that there is an upstairs bedroom that’s waiting to be sanded and here i am stalling. but that just proves that i’m lazy and why would i want to talk about that?

i could tell you that this friend is up for the week and that we’ve gone to canton twice, primed the walls and floor in the mentioned bedroom, watched a movie of ours that he hasn’t seen and watched a movie that i haven’t seen, had sergi’s pizza, listened to loads of music and have found the songs that “inspire” us, have gone shopping with two little ones in tow, and have had a good time. but that would make you sad and want to visit yourself.

i could tell you that i’m seriously considering a Bible school in Germany. yeah, me, the one who was going to stay here all her life because she loves it so much. but that might make you jealous so i’ll not.

i could tell you that i bought a Barbra Streisand record last night and it’s my favorite album.  i came home and listened to my favorite songs and realized (again) how much i love heartbreaking songs.

i don’t care much
go or stay
i don’t care very much
either way

so if you kiss me
if we touch
warning’s fair
i don’t care
very much

but then i’ll start sounding like a freak so i won’t mention anymore Barbra or melancholy songs.

i think i’ll just stick with not writing about anything really and get upstairs to that bedroom where my spackling job is waiting to be sanded down.

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