two things

you can call me pathetic and tell me that i’m acting like i’m leaving forever and i know that i’ll whole-heartedly agree. who knows — maybe i will be gone forever after this, but i’m feeling the crunch of time and am very much wanting to spend as much time with people as i can. today was time with my little buddy. well, okay, he’s not so little (i come up to his shoulders. he’s the tall one.), but he was my bud this past school year. he’s a great kid… i’ll miss him.

i’m going to a Keith Urban concert this friday. i know, you’re so jealous. you just need a sister like her.

7 thoughts on “two things

  1. jeremy — you my gangsta boi… said just like that.

    brietta — i guess you need to wait a year until you don’t have a nursing child. remember? : )

  2. well…yeah, i am CoMpLeTeLy jealous!!! but i know that some day im gonna go to one—^—hopefully…you have to imagine sometimes…lol!!
    Love You Tons!!!

  3. K, this is what I figure: one day we will all be adults (maybe someone will have a nursing child still, but hey, we can work with that) and I will be rich enough – and more organized – and we can all go to same class A concert… can’t you see it? All the Sinclair girls lined up with all their hair looking gorgeous and our look-a-like eyes (except for Jamie’s wife’s eyes).

    Guess growing up isn’t always bad.


  4. i just looked at all of your pictures on flickr, it took me about an hour.

    But I either laughed or smiled the whole time.

    Hope to see you before you leave.


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