you make me spin

some people make me smile. a lot. sometimes going back and reading old entries and comments* makes me smile. a lot. i like smiling. a lot.

i’ve revived my love for the piano. no, i’m not just talking keyboard. after a weekend of having fun with different sounds, i knew that i would volunteer to play keyboard anytime. but i was forced to sit down and actually brush off some old pieces this past week in preparation for a visit from my mumsie’s ankle doctor who happens to be the same man i bought the piano from. mumsie made peach pie and brownies and we had a lovely time with them. daddy and i pretended that i was thirteen again and he played the left hand and i played the right hand of Fats Wallard and then i played Chopin’s Nocturne in E Minor. three girls pretended to be the Andrew Sisters one more time and a talented girl played her guitar so well that even her three-year-old nephew asked, “how does she do that?” yes, quite lovely.

after two nights of “music” in the sinclair home (the night before we had sat around on the porch singing Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, the Beatles, Patsy Cline, Keith Urban, and James Taylor) i’m sure a passer-by would wonder if that’s normal for us. yes, it is actually. two girls were watching home video’s today and one, from ’99 showed julia with a brand new electric guitar (she was nine), jamie with a trombone, carina with a flute, and me with my saxophone, getting a lesson from our daddy while playing along with a Miles Davis cd.

that’s just not normal.

i walked my younger brother back to the house after an afternoon of running around with neighborhood kids. he started to sing, “you’re one in a million…” and i wondered what i had done to my poor younger siblings.

this picture is old and i posted it once before on my xanga, but it makes me smile and as i’ve stated already, i like doing that.

ohgoodness! i’ve been kissed! : )

* someone actually gave me no eProps once.  i find that rather funny.

11 thoughts on “you make me spin

  1. Hey Louissa- Classes don’t start until Wednesday which is really nice because it gives us a lot of time to get adjusted. Everything is going really well and I’m really glad I’m here although I must admit I’m a lil’ homesick. Are you all ready for Germany? Stupid question because how would you know? By the way, that is a great pic.

  2. Oh Louissa, this post is to hilarious. I think that Merrick might be a comedian someday.

    Everything about this post is funny.

    Hope to see you before you leave.


  3. should I be offended that you didn’t include my performance from our concert for Doctor Henline? 😉


    love your posts.

  4. Yeah, it was such a nice evening. I too am glad to have friends to encourage and grow with.

    I am excited about your trip to Germany. It is going to be amazing, and God is going to do wonderful things in and through you.

    We have to get together again before you leave.

  5. Hmm… Iv’e never really got the whole eProps thing…. I found it sort of strange. I didn’t even realize at first that I was giving them when I left comments, then this person was all like “Thanks for the eProps man!”
    I know that once someone left me a comment with only one and I was like “Dude, what’s the deal? Only one? Am I not good enough for two or something?”
    So they commented me back with none.
    That was a fun day.


  6. Hey there (look at this…I’m finally on a computer that will allow me to comment on your site!)…

    Smiles, singing, laughter… All these and more are what I miss from “down here” about “up there.”

    And..uh…since you can’t take your piano with you to Germany, you might want to take up the belt. It’s very fun and very easily transported. Just a suggestion.

  7. “* someone actually gave me no eProps once.” Woa thats rough, I know.

    Great minds buy the same laptop!

    *I take no credit, my bro Joseph found mine for me.



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