two weeks

14 days.

and i must confess, i’ve never felt so young.

a few of my favorite little people:

“make a silly face!”

our sanguine girl.

our soft chubby baby.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

her birthday is tomorrow. twenty-four, married for five years (this october), and has three children. she’s amazing and i love her so much.

3 thoughts on “two weeks

  1. i feel so young today too.

    i made some math friends (yay!) but they’re a couple years older…

    they think it’s funny that i’m excited for my first day of classes tomorrow.

    i’m so excited!!! (even if it is a scary computer object-orientated class :p )

  2. I’m sure you’ve had plenty of these types of offers…but I have lots of cousins and such in Germany (Munich). If you want e-mails for an authentic home-cooked meal, a place to stay, tour guides, etc. while you’re there, I will gladly get the contacts and pass them on to you. They all have been pitifully begging Eric and I to come over. They’re like “Bring the kids!” We’re like, Yeah, OK! Twenty thousand dollars later…

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