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i want sergi’s pizza and some wings. i want chicken-pot-pie and some brownies. i want a turkey sandwhich (cut in half, thank you very much) and some salad on the side. i want some pasta with alfredo sauce and italian bread and butter. i want a piece of apple pie with a cup of coffee to make it just right. i want a new york plain bagel with philadelphia cream cheese (i know, i’m boring). i want tacos and those pumpkin cookies that are so very yummy. i want beef strogenoff made sinclair style with some ice cream afterwards. i want mexican casserole and the usual corn right by it. i want a hamburger and a cheese danish (not together). i want ice cream. i want soup. i want, i want, i want. i’d even settle for the wheat thins that usual sat on my desk here. but alas! after eating them for lunch for the past week and a half, the box has been emptied rather quickly and i had to toss it the other day. i can hardly wait for this hour to go by… before i can go home and get what i really want:


my daddy’s got some fun family pictures.

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during my walk home from work (i know, isn’t it lovely that i live so near to the place that i work?), i stopped at the library, the post office, and the bank. as the librarian scanned my card (because madrid is no so high-tech) she asked how much longer i have before i leave for germany. we chatted for a few minutes about that. a little bit later i handed some church banking over to the teller and she wanted to know if my sister had had her baby yet. i smiled and said no.

i think living in a small town is so much fun.

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*Edit #2

you should all go here and check out my song.  it’s pretty sweet.

6 thoughts on “what’s on my mind

  1. Dang. Now you are talking, eating (the one thing I do good) Strogenoff made Sinclair style? I’m in when should I stop by? Yuhm…I’ma have to settle for Animal Crackers. *I’ll survive.


  2. Hey Louissa!

    It was nice hearing from you! School is actually going great. God is providing for me in so many way s..I really have no room to complain..And he is hooking me up with so many cool opportunities to reach out to people..some of them are working and some of them are already sliding through the cracks..But the opportunities are there for sure..it’s been really good..classes are good..everything.. like i said I cant complain..i’m slightly homesick at times but i’m doing great over all.

    BUt aaah! Have a GREAT time in Germany! I know you will though..I”ll be praying that the transition goes really smoothly for you, and that you don’t get toooo homesick!

    Yeah..so have a great time..keep in touch aye?:)


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