you really don’t have to tell me — i know i’m spoiled.  i can’t even tell you how many hours have been spent at a certain salon here in the north country having fun with my hair and getting experience coloring hair myself (no worries, it was her hair). 

i’m here again… now waiting for another client’s hair to be finished before heading home.  i said goodbye to my “fun” hair this afternoon and said hello to just plain red.  i tell ya, the sacrifices i make for spending six months in europe.  🙂

her: isn’t it weird that the one color hair stylist haven’t been able to find really good matches for [for coloring purposes] is red?
me: i know!  doesn’t it make you feel special and unique?
her: no, i just find it really annoying – as a red head and a hair stylist.

2 thoughts on “hair

  1. once i get to school they would prefer that i don’t color my hair and i decided that six months from now i really wouldn’t like the major roots that would happen if i still had the blonde in my hair. so i decided to go back to all-over red!

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